CORE Advisory Group

Vcan is a group of elites in the financial, business, technology and e-commerce industries from around the world.

Passionate and far-reaching imagination for cross-border finance, sharing economy and innovative technology.

Katherine Lui 


CFO Finance Director



He has worked in KPMG, Shanghai and Hong Kong for nearly 12 years, leading early large-scale IPO projects in China.

In recent years, the main force has deployed financial strategies for start-ups and quickly made them a unicorn company. He has served as the honorary CFO of Vipshop and Easy-to-Use Cars. Participated in more than 200 financing M & A transactions, with a total transaction size of more than US $ 2 billion.

Ivan Shum

Founding Chairman and Managing Partner of the Angel Investment Foundation



He has been a judge of the Alibaba Global Entrepreneurship Competition, Maker China and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, a member of the Steering Committee of the Hong Kong Youth Association, and an advisor to the Venture Capital Committee of the Asian Family Office Association. It mainly studies support policies in various places and provides government with policy suggestions to promote start-up investment. At the same time, it also provides funding programs to assist enterprises in innovation, transformation and transformation.

Lucas Englehardt


Financial compliance consultant



He graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics from Union College, New York. Engaged in the field of investment finance for many years in the United States and worked at Boston PwC as a financial advisor, specializing in risk management and compliance due diligence.


After traveling to China for more than 10 years, he was familiar with the laws and differences in China and overseas markets.

Stanley Lee


Chairman of Hong Kong E-Commerce Association



Has more than 20 years of extensive leadership experience in cross-border e-commerce, logistics and business intelligence solutions.


The founder of the Goldman Sachs Group: a platform that provides a full range of trading, purchasing and courier, operating sales and online shopping flow, has repeatedly led the company to obtain different awards, belonging to the super big selling level.


Committed to promoting the development of the cross-border e-commerce market and making unremitting efforts.

Our Mission

We are here for cross-border sellers. 
Aiming to create an open e-commerce ecosystem, through pioneer technology,
international financial connection and localized services.
Providing a secure, efficient and cost-effective global payment service
 focusing for cross-border sellers in Asia.
Vcan is the essential bridge connecting small online merchants to the world.
Empowering you to sell globally while we tackle with the difficulties in receiving payment.
While you grow, Vcan grow! 

“ Let us help you to make money so we can create a mutual benefit platform”

Our Value

Vcan believes that everyone have unleashed potential.
If you dare to dream, anything is possible!
We adhered to seek the good of others-
always put ourselves in our staff and clients' shoes.
Abided by the human-orientated company culture, we always support our clients
because they are our friends and partners.
We shall review your strength- You will soar on wings like eagles; run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint.

“ Together with wings over the storm, achieve the bigger dream!”

Vcan's organization is build around people who are professional in finance and techology.
We are passionate about cross-border financial services, share economy, and innovative technology.
In the past, we experienced inconsistent repatriation and profits from other companies.
We pay high fees and costs for the services but was unsatisfied because it did not fulfill the needs of local cross-border sellers. 
The small cross-border merchants have never been represented. 
Vcan's headquarter is located in Hong Kong.
Our familiarity with international and domestic financial regulations makes us experts in cross-border payment industry. 

“ Inclusive financing for the shared economy”

Vcan Story

Receiving oversea payment no longer bother you

Offering Highest CP-value of money transfer.
Tackled all your pain points in ecommerce business!
We know your needs, we understand your pain because we were e-sellers!
We are your best and the only one reliable payment partner.

We know you, so V support you!

Vcan always stand by you,

let's grow our global business together!


Tel: +852 3707 3089

9371 3428 (WhatsApp)

L4, Core E, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong

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