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Does V-account Small Business Association support individual applications?

Only corporate applications are supported. Individual applications are not accepted for the time being.

Can I only accept Hong Kong companies?

We currently accept companies from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Those who do not belong to these areas can additionally check with our account manager.

How long does it take to approve an account?

After submitting all the information, it usually takes 1-2 business days to review the account.

How fast is your collection and withdrawal?

When receiving overseas payments, the mainstream European and American regions generally take 1-2 working days. In other regions, depending on the payment speed of local banks and intermediary banks, it will take 1-3 working days. Withdrawal speed: Withdrawal is operated before 12 noon every day, and can be credited to the account on the afternoon of T + 0.

How to know the foreign exchange arrival in time?

Vcan has an account notification service. When the money arrives in the V-account and issues any operation instructions on funds, customers will receive email notifications, or they can log in to the Vcan backstage at any time to check the status of funds.

What should I do if the remittance has not been received?

If the remittance has not arrived within the normal remittance time, please confirm whether the payment information is correct (payee name, account number, bank name, bank SWIFT code, etc.). If the payment information is incorrect, please contact the sender to the payment bank to correct the payment information. If you confirm that all the information is correct, you can send the receiving account number and remittance documents to us for manual inquiry.

How do I associate an order for withdrawal?

Log in to your Vcan account, enter [associated order], submit order information and upload leaflets (including but not limited to contracts, invoices, customs declarations, and logistics documents). When the payment is received, the association will be automatically completed and you can immediately withdraw cash.

Why do I need to associate orders and upload order information?

According to the relevant anti-money laundering requirements, you need to provide real order information related to collections and associate them to ensure that the trade background meets regulatory requirements before you can apply for exchange or cash withdrawal.

Does it support payments to third parties?

Yes, you need to upload relevant supporting documents and explain the reason for remittance.


V-account 小商聯是否支持個人申請?







收取海外付款,主流的歐美地區一般1-2個工作天,其他地區視乎當地銀行和中轉行的出款速度,會多1-3個工作天不等。 提款速度:每天中午12點前操作提現,可以T+0當天下午到賬。


Vcan 設有到賬通知服務,當款項到賬V-account 和發出任何關於資金的操作指令,客戶均會收到郵件通知,或者可以隨時登錄Vcan 後台,查詢資金狀況。


如果超過正常匯款時間仍未到賬,請先確認收款信息是否正確 (收款人名稱、賬號、銀行名稱、銀行SWIFT代碼等信息)。如果收款信息有誤,請即聯繫匯款人到付款銀行更正匯款信息。如果確認所有信息正確,可將收款賬號與匯款單據發送給我們進行人工查詢。







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