Opening multiple receiving bank accounts with only ONE Vcan 

Repatriating oversea marketplaces revenues

as you had your own bank account

Are you a cross-border sellers? Are you selling on US, EU or other oversea marketplaces like
If yes, you must has difficulties in repatriating payment…

 Vcan Global Payment Services can help you!

Collect and manage funds locally from international marketplaces like Amazon in a cost-effective way with "0 FX lost", empower online sellers to expand e-commerce business and grow globally.



How it works?



Register a Vcan account

Open multiple local currency accounts in US, EU, UK & HK instantly, empowers online sellers to manage funds, pay and get paid globally as quickly as they do locally.

  • USA
  • UK
  • Europe (applicable throughout the Eurozone)

Updates your receiving bank ac

You will get details of your receiving bank accounts. Then login to your marketplace seller's account (i.e., Amazon), fill in this bank details as your receiving account, completed!


  • Support most of the top international marketplaces
  • Under your corporation name
  • Dedicated bank account number

Withdraw payments from Vcan

You will receive an email notification when you receive the funds. You can log in to Vcan to make a transfer request to your local bank account, in local currency. Available 24/7 online. Make international payments with great rates on all FX transfers. 


  • 24/7 available 
  • Up to 130 currencies pair for exchange
  • Fund received  in 3 hours at the fastest

Supported e-commerce marketplaces

(Continually increasing ...)

Online Platform

Simple online registration without geographical restrictions. Account opening in a day.


Save the remittance costs with great FX rates to maximize your oversea revenues. 


All-in-one platform to collect international funds and pay overseas suppliers in local currencies quickly and easily.

Vcan Global Users

2017 year

2018 year

2019 year

2020 year


200 +


500 +


100 +


50 +


All of your data are protected by multiple layers of authentication.


Fully licensed in US, UK & HK, meets regulatory and highest compliance standards in each market we operate.


Work with the top cloud service providers in the world-Azure & AWS to offer banking security levels.


Clients information are monitored and protected by international privacy regulations.

Excellent user experience

one-click access to global payment network

Currency exchange

Get paid in USD, EUR, & GBP as if you had your own loacl bank account. With inter-bank exchange rates and real-time access, reducing the inherent FX market risk.

International Payout

Easily manage currencies to pay your VAT, suppliers and service providers in oversea or China in their preferred currency. Save time and FX lost.

Competitive fee makes cross-border payment easy and simple!

up to 1% 

One-off charges only

Absolutely no other hidden fees, allow you enjoy low-cost, high-quality international remittance services!

X Account opening fee
X FX lost
X Management fee
X Hidden fee


Alvino Tuason

Luxuria Lifestyle MD, Amazon Global Online Sellers

Vcan Platforms are user-friendly and easy to manage multi online stores. It helps me to save a lot of time on managing payment and so I can focus on my business development.

Yang Peng Tao 

Amazon & eBay Top Seller

Selling on eBay since in 2007 and has become Asia's Top 10 sellers 10 years continually.

Vcan has unique advantages that meets the needs of e-commerce sellers. I feel secured moving money through Vcan platform. I would recommend Vcan to all my friends

Stanley Lee

President of Hong Kong E-commerce Association

Great help for e-sellers to manage funds and cash flow... (See more)

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