The headquarters of Vacn FinTech Group is located in Hong Kong.

We are licensed and regulated by Hong Kong Customs doing money remittance business. We also obtained MSB in US regulated by Financial Crime Enforcement Bureau (FinCEN) and SPI in UK regulated by Financial Service Authority (FCA). 
As a top 3 international financial center in the world,
HK has strategic location, diverse talents
and its favorable business environment
where rule of law governs the conduct of commerce.

MSO License No. in HK: 16-11-01959
MSB License No. in US: 31000088961856
SPI License No. in UK: 768000


Excellence   Professional
We are here to help you expand your global business with our well connected international banking network. 
Over 80% of our core members and advisory team are experts in global payment and many aspects of the finance and technology field.  
Vcan attracts many talents worldwide
because the excellent company culture.
We value our growth of our clients and employees.
Following with the principle of
"Inclusive financing for the shared economy"
Choose experienced team to do your service for you, why not?

Vcan work with the top cloud service providers in the world —
Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud.
Our clients information are monitored by privacy regulations andprotected in our highly encrypted security server
which is comparable international level.

Pioneer Technology

Vcan always stand by you,

let's grow our global business together!


Tel: +852 3707 3089

9371 3428 (WhatsApp)

L4, Core E, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong

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