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Is FPS safe?

"FPS" is a payment financial infrastructure launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in 2018.It is operated by the Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Co., Ltd. and implements instant payment in Hong Kong. It provides consumers, merchants with secure, efficient and convenient retail 24 hours Payment services. Bank-level security gives consumers and merchants peace of mind. Details can be found on the HKMA's website:

I do n’t have an online store. Can I use Vcan Fly?

For merchants who do not yet have an online store, Vcan can provide existing systems and front-end pages for merchants to use. After customers click on product links on social platforms, they can generate independent QR codes for payment. Merchants can easily manage their customers' social Media account, order information, and payment status. Vcan's ordering system is charged on a monthly basis, with great freedom. If you want to know more, please contact our customer service ( / +852 37073089).

I have an online shop, how can I connect with Vcan's system?

We will provide an API interface to easily connect with the merchant's online shop. Customers can choose "FPS" when paying at the online shop, and then use the bank APP to scan the QR code for payment, and the funds will be instantly received. The merchant will immediately receive an email confirmation notification, receive a transaction report every day, and check the order transaction status of the online store. Easily process order transactions from now on.

Is it possible to transfer money using a phone number or email in addition to a QR code?

FPS" itself supports phone, email or bank number transfers. However, this method is selected. Although the transfer can be successful, it does not identify each order, so the old mode of manual reconciliation is still required. Vcan's FPS service recommends only using QR codes to pay, because the QR codes generated by our system are each unique, which contains the customer order number, customer information, transaction amount and other information of each order. It allows merchants to track the status of each order, which is very convenient to manage.

Can I use my FPS to collect money?

This method does not generate a QR code for each order and fails to perform the reconciliation function at the same time.

I don't have a commercial bank account, what should I do?

When registering for the Vcan Fly service, you will also be assigned a local commercial bank account, which is provided by Vcan's partner banks for accepting fast transfers from different banks in Hong Kong.

What is the cost of using the Vcan Fly service?

Vcan's account does not have hidden fees such as account opening fees, annual fees, management fees, etc. There is only one fee, which is charged based on the percentage of the account amount (%). For more information, please contact our sales team (

Do customers need to register FPS in advance?

The payer does not actually need to register FPS in advance, but the customer must open the online banking service and download the bank's mobile application (APP). The payee (that is, the merchant) must preset a bank to accept FPS payments, and Vcan will preset our designated cooperative bank.

Is there a transfer limit for FPS?

Different banks, different account types or levels have different daily transfer limits, ranging from 10,000 to 1 million. Most transfer speeds can manually set daily transfer limits to prevent overspending due to incorrect input or stolen data.

What do I need to prepare if I decide to use the Vcan Fly service?

Please register a Vcan account first, you must prepare the following account opening documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
  • Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  • Annual Return (NAR1) or Corporation Cost Form (NNC1)
  • Director and shareholder (25% or above) identification documents
  • Director and shareholder (25% or above) valid personal address proof within the last 3 months

After completing the approval, you can successfully obtain a commercial bank account. In the meantime, our IT technical team will assist in completing the system docking work. Once completed, you can officially start using Vcan's FPS and reconciliation services. Hurry up and earn twice more!



「轉數快」是香港金融管理局於2018年推出的支付金融基建,由香港銀行同業結算有限公司負責運作,在香港推行即時支付,全日24小時為消費者及商戶提供安全、有效率及便捷的零售支付服務。擁有銀行級別的安全,讓消費者和商戶可以安心使用。 詳情可參閱金管局的官網:


針對還沒有網店的商戶,Vcan 可以提供現有的系統和前端頁面供商戶使用,讓顧客於社交平台支接點擊產品鏈接後,可以生成獨立的二維碼供付款,商戶可以輕鬆管理顧客的社交媒體賬、訂單資訊,以及付款狀況。 Vcan的訂單系統按月收費,自由度大,想了解更多,歡迎與我們的客服聯絡 ( / +852 37073089)。

我已有網店,可以怎樣對接Vcan 的系統?



「轉數快」本身是支援電話、電郵或銀行號碼轉賬,可是選取這種方式,雖然能成功轉賬,但並不能識別每張訂單,故仍需要人手對賬的舊有模式。 Vcan 的轉數快服務建議只選用二維碼方式支付,因為經過我們系統生成的二維碼,每一個都是獨一無二的,內裡包含了每張訂單的客訂單編號、客戶訊息、交易金額等等資訊,讓商戶能夠追蹤每一張訂單的狀態,非常方便管理。




客戶仍可使用Vcan 的服務,注冊Vcan 對賬快服務,會同時獲配一個專屬戶口用於接受本港不同銀行的轉數快轉賬。

使用Vcan 的對賬快服務,有甚麼費用?

Vcan 的賬戶並沒有開戶費、年費、管理費等等的隱藏費用,當中只有一個收費,按入賬金額的千分比(%)收取。如欲了解更多,歡迎與我們的銷售團隊聯絡 (。


付款方其實不需要預先登記轉數快,但顧客必須開通網上銀行服務,並下載該銀行的手機應用程式(APP)。 收款方(即商戶)則必須預設一家銀行接受轉數快的款項,Vcan會預設我們的指定合作銀行。



如果我決定使用Vcan 的對賬快服務,我需要準備些甚麼?


  1. 公司註冊證明書 (CI)
  2. 商業登記證 (BR)
  3. 周年申報表 (NAR1) 或 法團成本表格 (NNC1)
  4. 董事及股東 (25%或以上) 的身份證明文件
  5. 董事及股東 (25%或以上) 的最近3個月內的有效個人住址證明
完成審批後,便可成功獲取一個商業銀行戶口。其間,我們的IT技術團隊會協助完成系統的對接工作。完成後便可正式開始使用Vcan 的轉數快及對賬服務。從此快人一步,賺多一倍!

Vcan 想您所想,一起實現全球增長!


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