Create a payment and payment financial platform for cross-border e-commerce

Breaking the restrictions of national borders, regions, and jet lag makes it easy to collect and pay for global business!

Mission Statement

Empower small and micro e-commerce companies to expand their global business and let collections create wealth.

Core Values

1 Persistence: Seek the benefits of people and speak good words;
2 times respect: make sense and earn only reasonable returns;
A win-win situation for the three parties: Stay humble and see others better than yourself.


Vcan insists:

"Gather the advantages of all parties, give people the right to share resources, fulfill your dreams, and fly higher and farther together."

Vcan Commitment

1. To discover the gifts and mission of employees, the workplace is a hot and shining stage.

2. Bring more valuable products and services to customers and solve their pain points.

3. Based on the principles of respect, fairness and openness, create greater value for partners.


Vcan always stand by you,

let's grow our global business together!


Tel: +852 3707 3089

9371 3428 (WhatsApp)

L4, Core E, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong

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