With the latest Faster Payment System (FPS) introduced by the HKMA, anyone can make any cross-bank / "SVF" payments in HKD and RMB instantly 24/7! 



Back in the days, most online transactions limit payment methods to only credit cards and PayPal. These payment methods not only cost high in terms of money and time, but sellers also have to bear almost all risks. Hence, a massive share of current e-commerce sellers chose to collect the payment in the traditional way - bank transfer. Although it is low in price, handling orders and the reconciliation process manually is inconvenient and error-prone. 



Through the QR code payment technique in FPS, along with the Fintech system developed by Vcan, online transactions can be done effortlessly: all customers have to do is scan the code with their smartphones.

1 day approval for your Vcan account. Start to use immediately

Support payment from different banks for your website and social medias.

With API interface and technical support, fully automation.

Receive funds Instantly. Reduce fraud payments but increase cash flow

VcanFly - BEST for online payment

Over 100 orders per day and reconciliation manually?
Want to replace traditional bank deposit by electronic way?
Looking for a cost-effective payment method for online shop?
Trouble to handle refunds?

A comprehensive solution for online payment, automatic reconciliation and instant system update of payment status.

VcanFly can help you!

1. Generate QR code

Trace the order

Instant receive payment + reconciliation + update system payment status

3. Online payment

Beyond Geographical Limits

Full automation

VcanFly workflow



​1. Generate an unqiue QR code when checkout 

2. Customer scan-to-pay the QR code by ANY bank app

3. Merchant receives the email notification immediately

know which customer paid for that order

4. Automated reconciliation in your system with order payment status

5. Vcan provide daily

transaction breakdown report

6. 24/7 online system

Withdraw anytime, anywhere

What businesses can benefit from VcanFly x FPS?

Online store
Social Media Selling
Training courses
Fee-charging Activities 
Fee-charging Seminars

 Save up to 88% transaction cost in an innovative way!

* Compared with credit card payment costs. Contact our team today ( to learn how to run your online business at the lowest cost and significantly reduce transaction costs.

Testimonials from some of our VcanFly clients

Facebook Group Buy Network

Pain point


The high transaction costs of credit cards have continued to reduce profits. Constantly looking for alternative payment methods, which can support online transactions, automation and cost efficiency.

After using VcanFly


I'm looking for a service that can achieve fast logarithmic transfers. I am very happy that Vcan can cooperate. The customer service response is very fast, the technical staff is also very helpful, and the fees are very reasonable. It is very useful for Hong Kong start-ups and worth recommending!

Shared office

Pain point


In the past, after the renter paid the rent, he must submit a receipt to confirm the payment, but many times they forgot to submit it, and even if we received the money, we did not confirm that the tenant had paid it. I also feel annoyed, being "counted innocently", with low efficiency and high overall administrative costs.

After using VcanFly


After use, the tenants and accounting department are very satisfied! In the future, after receiving the rent collection email, the tenant only needs to scan the QR Code to save time; and we can also know in real time which tenant paid the rent that month, greatly improving efficiency! The relationship with the tenants has also improved a lot.

Online training courses

Pain point


In the past, the cost of collecting tuition by credit card was very high, and the method of using bank transfers had to confirm the payment with each student, and it took at least three people to handle it.

After using VcanFly


The fully automated reconciliation is very easy to use and completely solves our problems. There is no need to follow up transactions one by one, and the participants' experience is also very satisfactory. The cost is very cheap, and the saved money can give back to customers or open up the market.

How to start using VcanFly?

Sign up for a Vcan account

System API docking

Test payment reconciliation

Successfully docked,

You can start using it!

Advantages of using VcanFly

Low cost

Instant deposit

Simple and convenient

Support system and

Payment reconciliation function

Open API for integration

Daily settlement

Speed-up cash flow

Electronic payment can attract new group of young customers

Increase sales

Help business development

Competitive fees make cross-border payments easy and simple!

Application Circumstances


Sellers who sells on social media only, do not have an online webstore.

Sellers who already have own online webstore with URL. 


Generates QR code available for
On-scene transaction and valet order.



Learn more

If you have more questions, please go to FAQ or contact us .


I don't have a website of my own, can I still use the VcanFly service?

Understanding the need for the merchants who do not have their own webstore, Vcan provides ready-made system and front-end shopping cart webpage. Customers can click on the link under posts or messages of a product on social media platforms, bringing them to a unique QR code generated specifically for that order. With that unique QR code, merchants can manage their social media promotion, order information and the payment status of each bill. The order system charges on a monthly basis. If interested, please don't hesistate to reach out to our customer service ( / +852 37073089).

I have my own web store, how can it docks with the VcanFly system?

We are able to provide the API that docks with the existing e-shops. When customers pay at the checkout in the webstore, they can choose "FPS" and pay by using the QR scan available in the app of each bank. After the scan, the transfer will proceed immediately, with an email notification confirming the transfer's success. There will be a transaction report daily, summarizing the payment status of all orders, hence managing orders will no longer be a pain.

Apart from QR code, can phone number or email be used instead?

"FPS" supports mobile number, email and bank account number for the bank transfer. Although these methods allow the bank transfer process, it is unable to identify the transaction to the order; in the end, the reconciliation process has to be done manually. It is strongly suggested to use QR code payment while using VcanFly: With the QR code generated from the Vcan system, each exclusive code contains data such as order number, customer information and transaction amount. Merchants can trace the status of each order in a convenient manner.

Can I use my own FPS account for the payment process?

This method does not generate a QR code per order, thus unable to serve the reconciliation function.

What are the fees for the VcanFly service?

The ONLY fee is charged by a certain percentage, base on the transaction amount. There is no hidden fee like account opening fees, annual fees or management fees.



針對還沒有網店的商戶,Vcan 可以提供現有的系統和前端頁面供商戶使用,讓顧客於社交平台支接點擊產品鏈接後,可以生成獨立的二維碼供付款,商戶可以輕鬆管理顧客的社交媒體賬、訂單資訊,以及付款狀況。 Vcan的訂單系統按月收費,自由度大,想了解更多,歡迎與我們的客服聯絡 ( / +852 37073089)。

我已有網店,可以怎樣對接Vcan 的系統?



「轉數快」本身是支援電話、電郵或銀行號碼轉賬,可是選取這種方式,雖然能成功轉賬,但並不能識別每張訂單,故仍需要人手對賬的舊有模式。 Vcan 的轉數快服務建議只選用二維碼方式支付,因為經過我們系統生成的二維碼,每一個都是獨一無二的,內裡包含了每張訂單的客訂單編號、客戶訊息、交易金額等等資訊,讓商戶能夠追蹤每一張訂單的狀態,非常方便管理。



使用Vcan 的對賬快服務,有甚麼費用?

Vcan 的賬戶並沒有開戶費、年費、管理費等等的隱藏費用,當中只有一個收費,按入賬金額的千分比(%)收取。如欲了解更多,歡迎與我們的銷售團隊聯絡 (。

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